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Full Roof Replacements with our Fortified Roofing Technology!

A Fortified Roofing System is designed to prevent as much damage as possible from wind and rain by the use of a sealed roof deck system. A Fortified Roofing System prevents a cascade of damage from occurring that could potentially destroy your home and your contents as well. A Fortified Roofing System was specifically designed to prevent damages from common weather systems that may produce damaging high winds, hurricanes, severe thunderstorms and even tornadoes up to about an EF-2 category. A Fortified Roofing System will help protect your home and your belongings from these issues!

Fortified Roofing

Fortified Roof Advantages

stronger edges

Strong wind getting underneath the edge of the roof can many times damage the roof and tear it causing water to get up under the shingles. On a Fortified Roofing System, we require specific materials and installation methods to help eliminate those possibilities. This would include such things as a wider drop edge and a fully adhered starter strip. Together they help fortify your roofing system!

sealed roof deck

Let's say for example that a strong thunderstorm with high winds rips off some of your roof. Now your home is exposed to the elements. The rain will find those cracks and leak down through your roof decking, on to your insulation and eventually come dripping from your ceiling. Our Fortified Roofing System requires your roof decking to be sealed so that just about all of the water runs off of the roof and not into your home! It can greatly reduce the damage!

better attachment

Common Roofing Systems use smooth roofing nails. Not a Fortified Roofing System. A Fortified Roofing System requires ring-shank nails, being installed in an enhanced pattern. This pattern gives strength to your roof and helps keep the roof decking attached to your home during any bad weather. In fact, using ring-shank nails nearly doubles the strength of your roof against high winds or bad weather!

impact-resistant shingles

Our Fortified Roofing System uses only a certain type of roofing shingle. Being fortified means having shingles that have been tested by IBHS to show they can withstand hail from a severe thunderstorm that is up to 2 inches in diameter. These type of shingles outperform regular class 4 shingles when tested against a realistic hailstone. Better shingles and better protection!

The Fortified Roofing System

Don't worry when bad weather is here.. Get a Fortified Roofing System!

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